Shane’s body is discovered!

Victoria is still angry with Diane for calling the shrink, but Daz tells Victoria he believes her story about the body and they head off to investigate. Daz pokes around the water with a stick and jokes when they turn up nothing. But as they turn to leave Daz hears the unmistakable sound of disturbed water and whirls round and a body rise to the surface…

Eli is alarmed to find Jasmine by the lake and when she demands that they move Shane’s body, he swishes around with a stick to prove that Shane’s corpse remains in its watery grave. Later, when Jasmine turns up for her shift at The Woolpack, Daz tells her about the body being discovered. Jasmine is almost hysterical when Donna later reveals that the body has been identified as Shane.

Lily is suspicious when she spots Leyla coming out of the factory on her day off and she later discovers a large pile of work at Leyla’s desk. Leyla lies that she’s doing overtime for Pollard, but Lily sees through her. Leyla tells Lily that she is making a little money on the side by selling curtains direct to a contact. Lily is impressed and makes it clear she is keen to be involved in her enterprise.

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