Shanghai Noon’s Wild West buddies Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson are reunited for an eventful trip to 1887 London.

There’s plenty of room for Chan’s brand of jokey action, including a hilarious spoof of Singin’ in the Rain in which he wields a brolly as a weapon, while Owen has a winning line in wisecracks.

The story is full of anachronisms and historical errors – for instance, it features a young Charlie Chaplin, who wasn’t even born until two years later! – but most of them are probably intentional.

The two intrepid heroes have to stop a dastardly assassination attempt on Queen Victoria, which takes in a dizzy struggle on the clock face of Big Ben, a brief brush with Jack the Ripper and more than a bit of help from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Great fun.

Showing at 12.05am on BBC1 Northern Ireland and Wales.