Sharif and Yasmeen make Gary a big offer

Kevin shows Tyrone and Luke the fleet of cars parked outside the garage which all need servicing. Having broken one of Hope’s toys that morning, Tyrone seizes the opportunity to swing by the toyshop when a motorway breakdown comes in. But when Hope is taken ill and Fiz is unable to get hold of Tyrone, she heads off in an ambulance asking Kevin to tell Tyrone. He returns to the garage and is shocked to hear Hope’s taken a turn for the worse. 

When Gary quizzes Alya about her plan to elope, she makes out she’s just nervous about the wedding. Sharif and Yasmeen call at the Windasses and announce they’d like to make Gary a partner in the gym and Gary’s stunned at their generosity.

When Ken calls in the salon for a trim, his growing affection for Audrey is evident and he persuades her to meet him for a drink later.

Feeling taken for granted by Dev, Mary seeks some escapism in a magazine about the supernatural.