Phil is insistent they call the police when it’s clear Lola has left the Square with Lexi. Billy thinks there he can talk Lola into returning, but Lola has left her phone at the Arches. Sharon checks the last number Lola dialled, discovering it’s Lola’s foster care friend Alexa. When they visit Alexa, she tells them that Lola has gone to a hostel. With no sign of Lola at Alexa’s Phil and Sharon head off, not realising Lola is hiding.

Lola is terrified when a loud party at Alexa’s attracts a visit from the police. Lola bolts with Lexi, heading to a nearby park. Meanwhile, Phil is upset when Sharon calls him a monster for bullying Lola. Insisting he’s still the man she once fell in love with they share a kiss. Phil and Sharon see Lola in the park and catch her. Ashamed at how he’s frightened Lola, an apologetic Phil hugs Lola and Sharon.

Denise and Ian realise they’re stuck in the backroom of the Minute Mart for the night as no one can hear their calls. To stop their bickering, Ian suggests they play a game. Denise hits a nerve when she asks Ian about his breakdown. As Ian confides in Denise about his problems, she takes his hand to comfort him and they kiss!