Sharon can’t deal with a violent Denny

Sharon is shaken by recent events in the search for her dad. Feeling under pressure, when Denny misbehaves, Sharon’s attempt to take control backfires and Denny lashes out. Seeking solace at Ian’s, Sharon brings Ian back to their previous conversation in a bid to make things clearer for herself.

Ian realises things are tough for Sharon at the moment when Jane reveals that Denny has been in trouble at school. Sharon returns home to the Mitchells’ and is stunned to find the elusive Phil with his feet firmly back under the table!

Alfie has found out that Martin has been sleeping in his car. Unable to let him continue, Alfie and Donna come to Martin’s rescue, taking him in for the night. When Donna interrogates Martin about his living situation, he’s forced to confess that he’s homeless and penniless. Alfie gives Martin an opportunity he can’t refuse despite his own dire straits.