Sharon is relieved when the bouncer gets holds of some pills for her as she’s starting to suffer withdrawal. After a run-in with Shirley, Sharon takes more tablets, having to leave Billy’s surprise party at the Vic when the pills react with the alcohol, using the excuse that she’ll take Lexi home. When Lola pops in to say goodnight to Lexi she’s horrified to find Lexi in her buggy with Sharon unconscious on the bathroom floor.

Billy’s disappointed when it seems that everyone has forgotten his birthday. Trying to organise drinks in the Vic proves impossible when his family and friends all have something better to do. Lola offers to take Billy to the Vic and he moans loudly about his useless friends and family. Surprise! He walks into a birthday party. After apologising for his comments, Billy has a great night, made even better when Ava gives him a birthday kiss.

Michael throws himself into work, trying to push aside his grief at losing Scarlett. Meanwhile, Janine realises being a mum is a lot harder than she thought. Kat and Alice worry about Michael when he turns up at the Vic acting like nothing happened. When Janine later arrives with Scarlett, it’s clear Michael is hurting much more than he’s letting on.