Sharon hides out with Phil, who pretends to Ian she’s in Norfolk. Sharon is caught out when Kim sees Phil buying shampoo! Ian, Tanya and Denise confront Sharon. While Tanya offers to take Dennis to the cafe with Oscar, Ian points out it looks like Sharon has a guilty conscience. Deciding to return to work to silence the gossips, Sharon is horrified to find Dennis in the cafe with Jack. Dennis is upset when she shouts at him and he packs a bag, intending to run away.

Max tries to make it up to Kirsty for insisting she has an abortion by offering to take her out to dinner. When Max pressures Kirsty into starting the abortion process she hits back that she won’t be bullied into it. It’s her body and her decision.

Carol assures Bianca that she’s finished with Steve, covering when he tries to contact her. After Bianca talks to Steve she realises that Carol was lying and they’re still an item. A miserable Carol agrees to sort things out. When Carol arranges to talk to Steve she discovers that Masood has ‘helped her’ by telling him for her! Steve is upset that Carol has sent someone else to do her dirty work.