Roxy comes to blows with Sharon following Ronnie’s arrest and is then kicked out by Phil, who tells her she’s no longer a Mitchell. Setting out to fix the mess, Phil instead ends up in The Albert after bumping into Shirley, who realises he’s drunk. Finding Phil in the bar, Jay tries to take the scotch from him, but when he fails he turns to Billy for help. After a tip off from Shirley, Sharon heads to the Albert to retrieve her husband.

Vincent finds Ronnie dumped in scrubland and takes her back to the Square. Telling Ronnie she’s in grave danger, Vincent reveals he’s bought her a plane ticket, leaving that night. When Ronnie does a runner, Vincent chases after her, leaving the safe door open. Finding Ronnie at the police station Vincent drops a bombshell… He’s working for the police!

Arthur (Fatboy) turns up at Vincent’s to find the place empty with the safe open. When he spots something suspicious in the safe he sneaks it into his pocket just as Kim gets home. Meanwhile, Honey tells Billy it’s her or the Mitchells. Despite promising Honey that she comes first, Billy is soon hurrying out to help Jay with a drunk Phil.