Sharon is shaken to learn her birth mother is dying of cancer. When Carol finds out, she visits Sharon to offer her some words of advice. With Carol’s suggestion in mind, Sharon decides to say farewell to her mum before it’s too late. When she arrives at her mum’s house she’s greeted by her half-brother, who doesn’t recognise her.

Mick plans a surprise for Linda, enlisting Nancy and Lee’s help. Taking Linda off to see Miss Saigon in the West End, Elaine is in on the surprise and has been tasked with getting her out of The Vic for a while. Nancy intercepts them at the tube station, telling Linda that Elaine may be in on Mick’s lies about Dean. When Linda storms back to the Vic to confront Mick, he’s angry that Nancy has ruined the surprise.

Linda stops Mick in his tracks, showing him Dean’s lighter. Insisting Dean is still alive, Mick apologises to Linda for not telling her the truth. Mick takes the lighter, saying he’ll get rid of it, which only adds to the doubt in Linda’s mind.