Sharon discovers Max owns the Arches!

Sharon tells Billy they’ll have to sell Phil’s precious car to raise money for the case. At the Arches, a confused Sharon sees Max changing the sign to ‘Branning’s Autos’. Confronting him over what he’s up to, Sharon is horrified when Ben finally reveals that he’s signed the Arches over to Max. When a softly softly approach fails to convince Max to hand the Arches back, Sharon tells Ben they will get their revenge.
Stan and the family arrange a farewell lunch for Sylvie before she moves to the care home. Alone with Sylvie, Stan reminisces with her about the past, suggesting they go to Bournemouth where they spent their honeymoon. Stealing Aunt Babe’s car keys, they head to her car. Before they can make their getaway, an ailing Stan collapses.
Linda and Mick return from the police station prepared to tell the family the truth about Linda’s rape. Lee and Nancy are horrified, with Mick struggling to calm down an angry Lee. Shirley takes Dean to the Vic to say goodbye to Sylvie. When Lee sees Dean he snaps and attacks him. Mick pulls Lee off Dean.