Sharon fears for Phil’s life

Sharon visits Margaret, telling her she wants a divorce from Phil. Meanwhile, Kathy is back at the Beales’, trying to explain her decision to a furious Ben. When Kathy reveals she found blood in the house where Gavin was keeping Phil, Ben is horrified, forcing Kathy to tell Jay. Arriving to find Kathy with Ben and Jay, Sharon refuses to believe Kathy’s story. When Marsden confirms the blood in the house was Phil’s, Sharon is stunned. Then a battered Phil returns home…

Kush reminds Shabnam she doesn’t need to hurry over the residency application for Jade as they have plenty of time. When Shabnam sees Fiona in the Minute Mart, she questions her about her chances of getting Jade. Seeing Shabnam with Fiona, Dean angrily confronts her. Determined to get Jade one way or another, Shabnam has a plan, telling Kush the wedding is on – for next week!

Paul is desperate to reunite his grandparents. After a heart to heart with Les, Paul encourages Les to reach out to Pam. Instead of resolving the issue, Les offers to move out. Also on the Square, Ronnie wants to know what Linda has decided to do about Dean.