Sharon realises there’s something at the Arches that Phil is trying to stop her seeing. Heading to the garage and locking the door, Sharon is shocked when the secret is revealed – it’s Kathy! When Kathy opens up about why she faked her own death, a fuming Sharon insists she doesn’t care, telling her to get out of Walford.

Kathy quickly hides when Ben turns up at the Arches to get something for a customer. Telling Ben to ask Phil to meet her at the Arches, Sharon angrily confronts him. After Sharon and Kathy come to blows, Ronnie brings a car for Phil to take Kathy from the Square. But is it for ever?

Jane talks to Marcus Christie, coming up with a plan to ensure that Max doesn’t go to prison. After Marcus leaves, Jane is shocked by a surprise visitor when a very pregnant Lauren arrives on the doorstep! Jane is stunned as Lauren reveals that she knows who really killed Lucy.

Also, Charlie is stunned when Ronnie tells him their marriage is over.