Linda confronts Sharon about the gun she found in her room. Opening up to Linda, Sharon admits she’s been so scared since the attack that the gun made her feel safer. Linda points out how dangerous it is to have a weapon around Dennis, encouraging Sharon to ditch it. Plucking up the courage to leave the house and dispose of the gun, Sharon overhears Phil and Shirley talking about Phil being behind her attack…

Aunt Babe drops in to see Tina with her latest stash to sell… hash brownies. It’s the last day of term and when Tiff needs cakes for her leavers’ disco, Liam swings past the cafe. Finding Aunt Babe’s brownies in a tub on the counter, Liam picks them up, leaving Tina some money. When Tina gets back to the till, she panics to find the brownies have gone.

Bianca arranges to spend time with Carol, as it’s not long until Carol’s operation. Their afternoon together is interrupted when Bianca gets a call from the school, who have found Tiff’s hash cakes! Called in to the school, Bianca’s argumentative attitude causes headteacher Mr Ackroyd to insist he’ll have to contact Social Services.

Also, Whitney and Lee’s date goes well and they kiss.