Sharon wants to talk to Ian in the wake of her visit to Jake, so she arranges to cook lunch for him and encourages him to open up. Her subtle approach seems to be working, but Phil puts his foot in it when he storms in and fires accusations at Ian. Horrified by Phil’s outburst, Ian denies Phil’s allegations. Later, Ian makes a mysterious phone call…

Tina feels stressed out about a work ball she’s agreed to go to with Tosh. When Johnny catches Tina trying on one of Linda’s dresses, he offers to take her shopping for the big night. Heading to the Albert for a bit of Dutch courage afterwards, Tina has one drink too many, making a show of herself. Dean, who has already clashed with Tosh over the new living arrangements, stirs things up between Tina and Tosh.

Bianca has some money worries and when she hears about a dodgy deal that Alfie might have on the go, she wants in on it. When Alfie changes his mind about the deal, Bianca is disappointed. Meanwhile, there’s more trouble for the Butcher household when Sonia faces a disciplinary at work for falling asleep on the job.