Sharon is attacked in the Albert!

Sharon has a run-in with Phil over how she manages The Albert after Phil books door staff without consulting her first. When Johnny brings in a trendy clientele for a busy night at the bar, Phil feels out of place and retreats to the Vic, where he corners Shirley about what’s been bothering her. At the Albert, Sharon discovers Johnny has served Phil’s door staff alcohol and sends them home.

After apologising for his mistake, Johnny is relieved when Sharon forgives him, showing her confidence in him by making him bar manager. About to close up as Johnny goes upstairs to get his coat, Sharon is horrified when two men smash their way into the bar and attack her. A terrified Johnny hides upstairs…

Masood offers to take over at Beale’s for the day when it’s clear it’s too much for Ian. After Masood gives Ian some advice about his relationship with Denise, Ian returns home to some to spend time with his fiancee. The couple have a heart-to-heart and set a date for the wedding. Pleased with how Masood has managed at the restaurant, Ian gives him a permanent job. While this is going on, Ian is ignoring phone calls and texts from a mysterious person.