Sharon is relieved when Linda turns up at her mum’s house and goes in with her. She’s shocked when they find out that her mum has already died. Surrounded by mourners, it’s too hard for Sharon to tell her half-brother Kristopher who she really is, so Linda takes her out. After Kristopher looks at the Book of Condolences he realises too late that Sharon is his sister!

Heading to a cafe with Linda to talk things through, Sharon admits that she wishes her mum had never given her up, confessing she feels like an outsider in the Mitchell family. After discussing their roles as mothers, Sharon and Linda realise that they hold their families together.

Back in the Square, Linda tells Nancy and Mick that she’s rung Dean and he’s fine. Knowing it’s a lie, Mick later questions her. Linda says she wants to draw a line under what happened. Just as things seem to be getting back to normal, the police arrive with news about Dean. Meanwhile, Sharon has a shock when Kristopher turns up with a box of letters from her birth father – he’s been trying to find her.