Sharon is on the edge!

When the social worker arrives at the Mitchells, is it the last straw for Sharon?

The social worker turns up at the Mitchells while Phil is out, leaving a stressed Sharon to try to sort things out. Afterwards, Sharon breaks down on Jay, telling him she just wants to give Phil the perfect Christmas. Meanwhile, Kathy is worried about Ben, who is being off with her, as she fears he’s hiding his true feelings. Ben offers to make things up to Kathy by taking her for a drink in The Vic.

Bex shares her woes about Shakil with Stacey, but is horrified when Stacey talks to Martin about it. Furious with the way that Shakil has treated his daughter, Martin has a go at him in the market, embarrassing Bex. The play rehearsals get underway but, when Shakil and Louise have to kiss on stage, will it push Bex over the edge? Later, Kush gives Shakil a reality check about the way he’s been behaving.

Also, Ronnie is still worried about Roxy but Roxy ploughs on with planning the hen party. Roxy is later stunned when she gets a shock piece of news. Meanwhile, Abi invites Dot to go with her to Tanya’s for Christmas but Dot insists she already has plans. Is she telling the truth?