Sharon meets her father!

Sharon struggles seeing her biological father for the first time, asking Phil to take her home. Back in the Square, Sharon takes matters into her own hands by visiting Vincent to talk about The Albert. Warning him she could go to the police over the forged signature, she suggests to Vincent he make her his business partner. Sharon then returns to her dad Gordon’s house to introduce herself as his daughter…

Phil and Ronnie are worried about what Sharon had to say to Vincent, knowing that now she’s a Mitchell she needs to make sacrifices for the family. They are stunned when Sharon bring Gordon to the Square to meet his family. After the introduction Sharon tells Gordon she knows he’s not really her dad and she’s being played by Phil, offering him double to help her see Phil suffer.

Les soon realise that something is not right with Paul, learning his grandson knows there’s something going on between him and Claudette. Meanwhile, Abi finds a text from Paul on Ben’s phone and confronts him, but Ben covers.

Also, Cindy goes missing after breaking the news to Jane that she doesn’t want her and Ian to adopt Beth.