Sharon puts Lexi in danger!

Jack is back and Sharon reveals that she’s seeing Phil. When Phil bumps into Jack, he’s angry that Sharon didn’t tip him off. Unimpressed when Jack tells Sharon he’s happy for her, Sharon says an apology doesn’t make up for what he did to her and Dennis. After taking Lexi home, Sharon takes more pills, with Phil finding her collapsed on the sofa as Lexi plays with her pill bottle!

Michael advises Alice to stand up to Janine, who is bossing her around. When Billy sees Janine snap at Alice, he warns Janine she could lose Alice unless she starts treating her better. Acting on Michael’s advice, Alice is firm with Janine, who is impressed with her feistiness. Reporting back to Michael on her day with Janine, Alice reluctantly agrees when Michael wants her to bring Scarlett to him behind Janine’s back.

Dexter has a run-in with Sam in the cafe and tells Ava that Sam is still in Walford. Ignoring Ava’s insistence he leave, Sam is determined to make amends to Dexter. When Billy finds out that Sam is Ava’s ex-husband, he’s dubious about agreeing to a rearranged date with Ava. Deciding to go for it, when Billy turns up for dinner, he’s pleased when Dexter is civil.