Sharon reaches out to Ben

Shirley is still stewing over Ben’s appearance, but is given food for thought when Aunt Babe points out that her plan with Phil could fall apart if she continues to direct her fury at Ben. Sharon is also struggling with Ben’s presence, but Roxy insists that Phil would always choose Ben over her. Deciding to build bridges, Sharon tries to talk to Ben, but Phil ruins the moment by getting angry over Lola’s non-appearance with Lexi.

Feeling sorry for Ben, Sharon suggests they start over, taking him to the Vic where she makes a speech welcoming him to the family. Panicking when Phil seems chuffed, Shirley almost spills the beans about Phil’s plan. Stopping her just in time, Phil insists to Shirley he is still going to leave Sharon. Meanwhile, Denny helpfully packs Sharon’s overnight bag for her stay at the Vic – unwittingly packing the make-up bag with the gun in it!

Alfie is hesitant when Kat insists on seeing her burns. When they are revealed, Alfie can’t bear it, fleeing the hospital. Furious with Alfie for running off, Stacey forces him to return. Alfie reassures Kat that he could never stop loving her. Stacey’s suspicions over the fire are raised after reading a letter about the cause of the blaze. Finding the framed photo of Nana Moon, Stacey realises Alfie started the fire…