Tanya is puzzled to discover that half of her prescription painkillers are missing. Not needing them, she bins the rest, but worries that Lauren took the missing pills. Sharon pops in to ask about the school bake sale, with the intention of stealing the rest of Tanya’s painkillers. When Tanya is questioning Lauren about the pills, Sharon takes them from the bin and leaves. Discovering that Lauren doesn’t have the pills, when Tanya finds the binned packet missing, she realises Sharon took them.

Michael dumps Scarlett on Janine after planting a baby monitor in the buggy. When he listens in he’s delighted to overhear Janine questioning her ability to be a good mum. Later, Michael and Janine meet up with their solicitors to talk about Scarlett. Things go downhill as Janine produces the baby monitor, with Janine telling a shocked Michael she’s going to stop him having any access to Scarlett.

When Joey blanks Lauren in the market, she’s confused, unable to remember what happened when she was drunk the previous evening. Questioning Lucy about what happened, Lauren feels mortified after a smug Lucy fills her in. Lauren tells Joey that’s she’s going to change, but is left heartbroken when he insists he’s had enough and finishes with her.