Sharon takes a tough love approach with Phil

Sharon gets Billy and Jay to help her bring Phil home. Furious with Phil, Sharon has some harsh words to share with him. Struggling to come to terms with Phil’s drinking, Sharon is grateful for Aunt Sal’s support and does her best to help her husband. When Phil insists on having another drink, however, Sharon snaps, locking him in the bedroom.

The Mitchells learn there’s no record of Ronnie’s arrest, causing them to worry. Across the Square, Ronnie demands answers from Vincent following his shock confession. When Vincent explains all, Ronnie threatens to tell everyone his secret. Pleading with Ronnie to keep it quiet, Vincent explains what’s at stake. Ronnie is about to leave as planned until Arthur shows her what he found… Vincent had a file on the Mitchells in his safe.

Aunt Sal bumps into Claudette, leaving Claudette rattled when she tells her that she knows her secret. Back home, Claudette pleads with Vincent to sort things out. Meanwhile, Denise bonds with Carmel when Carmel shares some advice. Denise later bumps into the police officer who came to her house earlier in the week and learns her address was given to them by Lucas’s son Jordan.

Also, Roxy’s having second thoughts about Dean.