Sharon wants to know who ‘K’ is!

Phil hides a bag of cash in The Arches. Later on, Phil is rattled to find Jay and Ben have found Kathy’s sunglasses. Teasing Phil about having another woman, Ben is taken aback when Phil snaps at him. At home, Sharon is waiting to speak to Phil, but changes her mind when she sees the dark mood he’s in. Soon Phil realises he’s in big trouble when he comes downstairs to find Sharon holding his phone, asking who ‘K’ is…

Sharon reels from her discovery, as Ian receives a call from Cindy and warns her never to speak to Bobby again. When Jane confesses to Ian she’s told Sharon the truth, Ian visits Sharon, begging her to keep the secret. After Ian makes an ill-judged comment about a badly behaved Denny, it gets Sharon’s back up and she coldly says she’ll need to talk to Phil. Ian tries to reassure Jane that everything will be OK, trying to convince himself as much as her.

Shabnam is hurt when Kush claims the nursery will have to wait as he’s going abroad for his stag do. After a chat with Stacey, Shabnam decides to have it out with Kush. Walking into the almost decorated nursery, Shabnam is touched when Kush reveals the ‘stag do’ was a cover so he could finish the nursery as a surprise. Carmel turns up unexpectedly, wanting to stay.

Also, Stacey books an appointment with the midwife to talk about her medication.