As Shirley gets ready for her engagement do at the Vic a tense Phil tells Ben and Jay to keep Ian out of harm’s way. But when Shirley notices the lads’ absence she insists they come along. Phil is horrified when a sheepish Ben and Jay turn up with a confused Ian. Things turn from bad to worse when Ian gets agitated as Shirley opens an engagement present from Patrick – a massive picture of Shirley and Heather!

Alfie steps in and takes Ian up to the Vic flat to calm down. Ben tries to comfort Ian, but accidentally lets slip that Jay knows about the murder. The pressure is getting to Ben and he finds Phil and tells him he wants to turn himself in. As Phil tries to reason with Ben they’re interrupted by a desperate banging on the door. It’s Sharon Rickman – in a wedding dress!

An anxious Janine thinks Michael is up to something when she hears him on the phone. Her fears are calmed when she discovers he was calling Whitney to help with the baby. Later, Alfie convinces Kat to take Tommy to meet his new baby sister Scarlett. Janine’s paranoia returns as Kat lets slip that Michael had doubts on their wedding day.

*Second episode, 9pm

In a special extra episode, Sharon tells Phil she’s run away from her wedding, but needs his help to rescue her son Dennis. Shirley is miffed when Phil deserts their engagement party to take Sharon back to her wedding venue. Sharon is relieved to find Dennis Junior, but her jilted fiance John is furious. He and his sister Nina snatch Dennis and speed off in a car…

Shirley takes charge of Ian when she sees Lucy having a go at him, hoping that a wash and brush up will help him rebuild things with his kids. Ben is horrified as Shirley runs Ian a bath, worried what Ian will say. Ian keeps his mouth shut, but Ben menacingly tells his brother to go home. Later, Shirley visits Denise and learns that her daughter Carly has had a baby. Shirley glances at Denise’s fireplace and spots the picture frame that killed Heather…

Janine spies on Michael and when she catches him taking money from the business safe she goes mad and throws him out. When Michael learns that Kat told Janine about his wedding wobbles, he insists to Janine he’ll be there for her and Scarlett, money or not. Janine still can’t trust him.