Sharon is determined to sort out Ian and takes him to see Lucy. When Lucy sees Sharon she’s delighted, but as soon as she spots her dad she tells him to leave. Sharon tries to convince Lucy to go easy on Ian. Lucy softens and tells Ian that she was devastated when he abandoned her and Bobby. Lucy agrees to let Ian return home after he makes an emotional apology, but with one condition – he signs the businesses over to her.

Phil drags Shirley away from Ben, sending her downstairs. Phil insists Ben get a grip when he says he wants to confess. When Phil tries to convince Shirley that Ben lied about murdering Heather she doesn’t believe him. He’s forced to confess the truth and reveal that he knew all along.

Shirley tries to call the police, but Phil rips the phone out of the wall. Phil begs Shirley to believe that he loves her. They’re interrupted by Sharon, who is put out when Phil tells her to get out as she can’t stay. Meanwhile, Ben is making his way to the police station, determined to finish this once and for all…