After recently learning his cancer had returned, Dr Arthur Digby struggles with his illness at work. But when his fiancée Morven’s dad, Austin, is re-admitted to Holby, a weary Arthur ignores orders to go home and rest and insists on staying to treat him. Arthur’s been treating Austin since he first came to Holby with advanced liver disease but his condition’s worsened – if he doesn’t have a liver transplant soon, he’ll die. As he tries to stabilise Austin, however, Arthur almost passes out on the ward but orders fellow medic Dominic not to tell Morven!

Meanwhile, Morven can’t understand how neither she, brother AJ nor Arthur proved to be a match for liver donation for Austin. So she’s furious when AJ reveals he’d been told he was a match, but didn’t want to go through with surgery! As they argue, Arthur’s forced to try and reunite the warring siblings… Later, exhausted from the day’s events, Arthur stays awake just long enough to hear that an organ has become available for Austin – it looks like Morven’s dad can finally be saved.

Zosia finds herself unable to engage with Arthur as her friend undergoes cancer treatment. Feeling helpless over Arthur’s illness, Zosia tries to make a difference by persuading a terminal patient to be a guinea pig for Jac’s new stent.

Also, Bernie’s thrown when she’s served with divorce papers and finds her ex-husband Marcus is going for the jugular. But the AAU family gather round to lift her spirits and show her she’s not alone.