Jack prepares to storm the house occupied by The Believers, but refuses to let Tasha come. Elsewhere, Tasha is determined to see her baby, and Robbie, Irene and Martha have no choice but to follow her to the house.

Meanwhile, Mumma Rose prepares to start the purification ceremony with baby Ella but is interrupted by police sirens and escapes with Ella, locking herself into the nursery. Tasha, Robbie, Martha and Irene turn up and Tasha runs off in search of Mumma Rose, only to see her standing on the nursery balcony with Ella in her arms. Tasha persuades Mumma Rose to let her in the room, but Mumma won’t listen to Tasha’s pleas, insisting Ella belongs to her.

Meanwhile, Jack and Fitzgerald hatch a plan and prepare to storm the nursery. But when Jack makes a noise, Mumma Rose and Tasha both lunge for baby Ella, and as Tasha forces Mumma Rose back, she falls through the window and ends up holding on to the ledge, pleading for Tasha to save her. Jack and Fitzgerald help her to safety and she‘s taken to a maximum security psychiatric facility.

Also, Jack is unimpressed when Martha hints he’s getting too close to Fitzgerald and the pair end up having a heated row. Elsewhere, Sally is suspicious about Brad and Martha.