After a trio of Australians scratch his car on their way to Grimedale Farm, Miller goes to confront them. Meanwhile, Peggy purchases an old washing machine and ropes David into running a laundry business with her. At the farm, the Aussies, Skip, Mick and Robbo, are busy shearing farmer George’s sheep with the help of Rosie, and George’s daughter Cissie.

That night in the pub, George accuses Skip of stealing his gold watch but, with no evidence, Miller is unable to arrest him. The next day, David discovers George’s watch among Skip’s dirty washing, and Miller arrests a bewildered Skip. Mason heads to the farm to investigate and finds Cissie trying to hide bruises on her arms. Later, Cissie goes to see Carol and tells her the truth about the stolent watch…

Meanwhile, Jamie returns from India to win back Rosie, but in the pub that evening, Rosie gets cosy chatting to Mick. Jamie wastes no time in asking Rosie to marry him but, later, Mick invites Rosie to got travelling around Britain with him and the boys. Which offer will Rosie accept?

Also, Bellamy and Gina decide to try for a baby.