Sheila and Angie square up

Sheila thinks Angie is flirting with Russ and when Angie learns Sheila and Russ are dating, she winds Sheila up by deliberately flirting with her man. Insults are soon flying, until Angie grabs at Sheila’s hair and is pushed onto the couch. Later, Russ admits no-one has ever fought for him like that – he found it sexy!

Josh and Imogen decide to test the strength of their parent’s marriage, and Josh persuades his mum to try out an online alcohol test. The results are a shock and she finally admits she’s been drinking too much. Josh suggests enlisting Sonya for advice and Brad encourages Terese to be honest. Sonya recommends attending AA meetings and Terese reluctantly agrees.

Sonya gives Toadie up with some pyjamas to wear in the wheelchair and he realises she doesn’t think he’ll be on his feet any time soon. When Sonya later arrives home, Amy has bad news – there’s a leak behind a wall, which will be expensive to fix. The pressure is piling on Sonya, until Angie suggests she gets compensation for Toadie’s accident.