Ainsley’s outraged that her friends are turning on her because they’re in trouble over the exam and demands Xanthe think of a way to win her friends back. Xanthe suggests Ainsley could host a party at Paul’s motel. But Sheila promptly shuts the party down, humiliating Xanthe in the process. Back home, Sheila and Xanthe are in the middle of a blazing row, when Sheila suddenly collapses.

Lauren tells Brad that Doug thought she was Pam and, when Doug hears, he’s mortified and flees. Brad struggles with the idea that his father is fading away, but takes comfort in having Lauren by his side. As Doug’s loved-ones sadly contemplate his deterioration, Lou shocks Lauren by deciding on a new ‘bucket list’ dream: he wants to walk the Kokoda track.

Toadie warns Steph how hard Family Court cases can be on kids, and advises her to find an amicable solution first. Steph agrees but, after seeing Xanthe’s struggles growing up without her mum, she decides to fight, and Toadie reluctantly agrees to arrange for mediation to begin.