Sheila’s stunned by Hamish’s kiss. She tells Amy about the incident, but confesses that, while she likes him, she doesn’t want to get hurt. Elsewhere, Hamish is caught off-guard when Louisa turns up. Will Hamish’s cover be blown?

Meanwhile, Yashivi’s first day at work with Jack gets off to a good start, despite Shane telling her boss that she can be a handful. Yashvi and Jack hit it off and he even saves her from a potentially embarrassing situation with Ben. Yashvi’s first day at work couldn’t be going better until Jack leaves her alone and she loses a large sum of money…

Also, Amy is drumming up some media interest for the wellness centre, when a TV reporter offers to come down and cover the wellness drive much to her delight. When Shane hears the news, he uses the opportunity for his own selfish gain and pitches a piece on Rolli. However, his intentions backfire spectacularly!