Sheila is stunned by Fay’s confession that one of the Brennan boys was the result of an affair. Knowing Fay’s secret, she struggles to be around Mark, Aaron and Tyler. Fay feels a deeper sense of guilt and leaves Erinsborough without a whisper. Will Sheila tell the boys the truth?

Meanwhile, Tyler is struggling to cope with his grief and doesn’t know if he can celebrate Russell’s life after years of abuse. Will Tyler go to the funeral and put on a united front with his brothers? Meanwhile, Mark’s struggling to put together the eulogy, so Elly offers him support. However, Mark uses Elly’s support as an opportunity to lean in for a kiss, but she pulls away. Has Mark judged things completely wrong?

Also, Toadie and Sonya attend another counselling session and Sonya tells Toadie she’s in a place where she doesn’t need him to take care of her. Will her honesty devastate Toadie? And is this the beginning of the end of their marriage?