Sheila meets an old enemy

Will Sheila find closure?

Xanthe does her best to convince Sheila to reach out to her old high school nemesis, Joanne, but Sheila isn’t interested. So Xanthe takes it upon herself to be the middle woman and reconcile the two. Will Xanthe’s good intentions backfire? Or will Sheila lay some old ghosts to rest?

Meanwhile, Amy’s world is turned upside down after her phone call from Nick. She is unsure of her feelings, but Elly encourages her to visit him, so she can get a clear grip on her feelings. After visiting Nick, she’s stunned to find out who his mysterious benefactor is and the revelation pushes Amy to make a major life decision for her and Jimmy.

Also, it’s Christmas at the Sharma-Rebecchis and everyone is in good spirits thanks to Kirsha’s progress. But when Kirsha reveals a shocking truth, will it still be a very marry Christmas?