Sheila needs Paul’s help…

Will Paul offer his services?

Sheila is in panic mode when she finds out that Clive wants to take her to an art museum. Sheila calls Paul and pleads with him to come over and give a lesson on art and ‘arty’ things to say. Later, Sheila turns up and is ready to unleash her newfound knowledge on Clive. Will Sheila be able to fool Clive into believing she’s an art connoisseur?

Meanwhile, Terese is mortified after vomiting in the lap of a potential investor. However, her embarrassing situation becomes the least of her problems when she discovers a colleague has been spying on her at work. Jasmine quickly works out that it’s her assistant Val! Terese is livid with Val’s actions and sacks her on the spot. Impressed with how helpful and efficient Paige has been, Terese offers her the job. Will Paige accept?

Also, Toadie and Willow are continuing to develop their father daughter-like bond, when Toadie receives the news that Willow’s father lives in Australia. Will Toadie tell Willow the truth?