Sheila offers Elliot overtime and praises his expertise in sales. Meanwhile, Zak heads over to visit Ravi and Elliot tags along, wanting to see Leila. Later, Sheila pounces on a startled Elliot as Leila walks in. Elliot hurries after her, but she assumes it’s out of revenge for her sleeping with Archie.

Jake is released from police custody without charge, much to Nancy’s horror. She is shocked when Frankie and Jake reveal that, following her complaint, Charlie could be taken into care and she goes to the police to withdraw her allegation. Meanwhile, a downbeat Jake reflects on his situation and tells Frankie that he’s going to readmit himself to the psychiatric unit. Reeling from Jake’s announcement, Frankie turns up at Nancy’s flat to hand over Charlie.

Ravi is appreciative of Zak’s company and is spurred on by his idea for a party at the house. When Leila agrees that it’s about time that they enjoyed themselves, Zak sees it as an opportunity for Anita to get her mates back on side.

Also; Lauren accuses Anita of being the reason Newt wanted to die and warns her to stay away when Anita reveals that she went to see Newt to apologise.

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