Sheila suspects Paul fancies Naomi

Sheila is worried by how much time Naomi is spending with Paul, but Naomi can’t tell her mother the truth as she has promised Paul she will keep his illness a secret. Encouraged by Sharon to confront Paul over his monopoly on Naomi’s time, Sheila goes the penthouse to demand answers. But when she gets there she finds Paul and Naomi both in a state of undress – just what is going on?

Terese is unhappy to discover that Sharon has not left Erinsborough, but intervenes in time to stop her telling Lauren about her kiss with Matt. Desperate to be rid of her, Terese offers her a one-off market research job researching holiday cruises on behalf of Lassiters. Sharon accepts but not before pointing out to Terese that such desperate measures indicate Terese’s insecurity within her own marriage.

After feeling rejected by Brennan, Tyler accepts when Michelle offers him a lucrative role as one of the team to steal a few cars for Dimato. But Tyler doesn’t realise that Brennan has set up a police sting to catch Dimato’s thief in the act, he just walked into his brother trap!