Sheila visits Gary in prison

In desperation, Paul calls Sheila saying Gary wants to see her and even though she knows Paul’s conning her, she visits Gary. Later, while Paul is under threat from another inmate, Gary reveals that he’s been granted parole so he’s out today, leaving Paul to face an angry mob.

Brad has an honest talk with Ned, finally understanding the anger that his son held towards him. It’s a breakthrough for father and son, even as Ned reveals that he still has feelings for Lauren and that’s why he has to go. Brad accepts this and after Ned leaves, he tells Lauren he’s forgiven her. But when she moves to hug him, Brad pulls back and we’re left to wonder if he really can move past this. 

Piper and Tyler realise they’ve crossed a line but, as they share another charged moment, Tyler hears that Ned’s leaving. For Piper this is another emotional blow and she’s reluctant to say goodbye to someone else. That night, she video calls Tyler but when they both reveal their true feelings, Tyler abruptly ends the call.