Much to Naomi’s chagrin, Sheila invites her new man, Alan, to dinner. Sensing her daughter’s disapproval, Sheila warns her to be polite. Surprisingly, the dinner goes well. Naomi is expecting a friendly kiss on the cheek from Al, but when he kisses her on the mouth, she’s shocked.

Terese admits to Susan she’s beginning to suspect Lauren orchestrated the infidelity with Brad. Susan urges Terese to shut down her paranoia and Terese decides to invite all the Willises for dinner at The Waterhole – only to find Lauren and Matt already there. When she catches Brad and Lauren sharing a private conversation yet again, she fires both barrels at Lauren, accusing her of planning to steal her husband.

Imogen has fallen for Daniel and has no idea what to do about it. Observing the affection between Amber and Daniel finally proves too much and she runs off. Daniel believes Imogen leaving can only mean one thing – she doesn’t like him. Amber resolves to bring her best friend and her fiancé together.