A nervous Sheila goes to the garage with a peace offering, but Chris – wanting to impress Danni so he can get time off to see Hudson during his hearing – hurries her along. Later, she sees a man taking photos of her and approaches him, angry, breaking his camera. However, when the police arrive to arrest her, she discovers he’s not a stalker, but a mature age student from the TAFE doing a photographic assignment.

Susan sees Gem give solid counselling to Callum over his issues with Bailey, and decides to give her the teaching job. Gem’s thrilled but she covers when Susan asks her why her references were less than inspiring.

Later, Gem reluctantly tells her mum she got the job – and no, it’s not too soon because she didn’t do the things they say she did. It’s clear she’s hiding something.

Sonya encourages Callum to make up with Bailey. Later, Susan throws the boys together for a science project. But the boys soon butt heads, and Callum accuses Bailey of using him to get girls. Bailey’s offended and tells him to work on his own, so Callum tells Gem his troubles. She encourages him to patch things up with Bailey but the boys are left at odds, with Callum not knowing how to fix things.