Matt finds Sheila walking along the road in the middle of the night. She’s been out searching for Chris and had a nasty encounter with a man who tried to pick her up. The next day, Chris is shocked to learn about his sleepwalking and admits he’s been taking the sleeping pills again, but promises to stop. Meanwhile, Kate is concerned for Sheila when she overreacts to a customer in Charlie’s.

Callum suspects Rani doesn’t want Bailey to go to England and Rani admits he shouldn’t go for her. Callum asks if there’s someone else and Rani doesn’t deny it. Callum reluctantly tells Bailey about his suspicions, but Bailey accuses him of trying to sabotage his relationship.

As Rani is about to leave for England, she admits to Bailey that she did like someone in India. Although hurt, Bailey suggests they start over but Rani breaks up with him instead. Heartbroken, Bailey lashes out at Callum.

Georgia reads an interview in which Amali appears to take the credit for writing her song. However when Amali offers to fix it, Georgia backs off. Kyle tells Amali that the song is about him, and is incredibly special to Georgia. After watching a clip of Georgia singing, Amali believes Georgia should be the one to record it.