Following Billy’s arrest, Shirley apologises to Andrew for accusing him and helps verify his elopement story to the police by handing over the train tickets. Meanwhile, Crisp suggests to Billy he stole Heather’s missing wedding present money. Mandy gets Billy off the hook by revealing she saw him at the time of the murder when she was with her ex Alex. Billy is released. Phil, Jay and Ben worry when Shirley and Andrew agree to team up to find Heather’s killer.

Janine asks Michael to go to the shops for her. He’s offended when she offers him money, assuming he can’t pay for the shopping himself. Later, Jean tells Michael that the murder suspect had lots of money on him. Michael teases her that the murderer could be after her because of her lottery winnings, planting a seed that Jean should invest her money…

Ian has decided to buy the cafe back from Phil as he feels something’s been missing in his life since he handed it over. Ian forges ahead with the paperwork, but he continues to keep it a secret from Mandy. Meanwhile, Mandy worries after giving her statement to the police to help Billy that Ian will find out that she was with her ex.