Shirley confronts Phil about paying her rent and he insists he was just looking out for her. Old tensions arise as Shirley accuses Phil of feeling guilty about covering up Heather’s murder. After a chance comment from Denise about Phil, Shirley later returns to Phil’s with a warning. She says it will take a lot more money for her to keep quiet about what he knew about Heather’s death…

Ian insists that Cindy junior return home to Devon. Appealing to Peter, Cindy gets nowhere, as he’s mysteriously as keen as Ian for her to leave. An attempt to get Lucy onside also fails, but Cindy talks round Ian, who agrees she can stay for a few days. Peter is nervous that a secret Cindy knows may come out.

Worried that Abi seems down, Lauren organises a surprise party to celebrate her exam results. When Abi walks in to find her friends, she’s not as pleased about it as Lauren had hoped. Jay questions Abi’s bad mood and she blurts out that she didn’t get the grades she needs to go to university. Lauren feels guilty when Abi blames having to deal with Lauren’s problems for her failure.