Shirley busts Dean and Aunt Babe

*EastEnders is on BBC2 tonight, and at a slightly later time, due to the Commonwealth Games*

Shirley is suspicious that Dean is up to something with Aunt Babe, soon finding the cannabis hidden in Blades. A cool Dean insists that he and Aunt Babe are partners. Confronting Aunt Babe, Shirley panics when Aunt Babe points out she knows her secret about Mick. Desperate to keep her quiet – and keep Dean out of prison – Shirley turns to Phil. When Phil wants nothing to do with it, Shirley burns the cannabis herself.

Carol confronts Charlie after her discovery. Settling into hospital for her mastectomy, a scared Carol goes to the hospital chapel for solace. Back on the Square, Charlie hatches a plan to stop Carol from sharing his secret. After finding a letter at the Butchers’ about Bianca’s debt, Charlie visits Carol, revealing he’s paid off Bianca’s loan.

Sharon has a close call when Phil pops into The Albert as Marcus Christie is upstairs going through the accounts! Relieved when Phil leaves without discovering what she’s up to, Sharon later returns home. Phil is waiting with a surprise, as he tells Sharon that he’s set a date for the wedding in September. Sharon’s not happy when a controlling Phil also reveals he’s also rehired Roxy for The Albert.