Shirley Carter causes chaos in the Vic!

Fi’s not impressed when Shirley Carter causes a scene in the Vic.

Linda does her best to reassure Fi when Fi gets frustrated that Mick and Linda won’t get on board with plans to modernise the Vic. Just as Linda thinks she’s finally got through to Fi, disaster strikes, when Shirley Carter causes a scene. The situation escalates as Phil steps in to defend Shirley, and the customers are forced to leave. Fi is not impressed!

Phil is concerned when Jay fails to turn up for work. Keen to find him, Phil tries to track him down, but he has no luck. Back in the share flat, Ben finds an upset Jay. When he demands to know what’s wrong, Jay blurts out that Ben’s dad is a murderer!

Jack, Honey and Ingrid take the kids camping. Although Ingrid is annoyed by Jack’s dismissive attitude, she soon realises what’s really up – he’s upset that Ronnie isn’t there. After a heart-to-heart with Ingrid, Jack apologises to Honey for his abruptness and he throws himself into the trip.

Also, Max tells a terrified Steven that he may need his help again.