Shirley deals to her sleazy landlord

Shirley is behind on the rent and her sleazy landlord Norman offers to write off her debt if she sleeps with him! A fuming Shirley pretends to go along with it but when he’s got down to his pants, she chucks his clothes out of the window. Shirley decides to ask Heather to move in and share the rent, but Heather is worried that her mum Queenie will take it badly. Shirley offers to help Heather break the news.

Jane takes Ian’s passport to the police to prove that he’s missing, but she’s upset when DS Parks suggests that Ian may have left her. Jane is stunned when Cindy’s sister Gina turns up in the Square and she accuses her of kidnapping Ian.

Jase is grateful when Billy offers to sell him his tools so that he can start the shop-fit, but he’s stunned when Billy insists that he pay the £500 up front. Jase bemoans his situation to Jay, who offers to take some money out of his savings account to help Jase out.

Also, Jay goes through Roxy’s belongings and pockets her engagement ring from Damian; Jean makes up with Stacey.

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