Shirley discovers the terrible truth

In a special extra episode, Shirley is having none of it as Ben tries to convince her Phil wouldn’t kill Heather. When Ben sneaks into the bathroom to call Phil, Shirley barges in. As Ben defends Phil he lets slip a piece of evidence that only the killer would know. The truth dawns on Shirley that Ben murdered Heather. Shirley grabs Ben and pushes his head under the bath water, as Phil walks in…

Phil offers Sharon somewhere to stay when she returns with him to the Square. As they arrive Max approaches Phil for help with Ian, who is sitting unresponsive in a car. Phil asks Max to take Sharon and Dennis back to the Brannings’ while he sorts out Ian. Max lends Sharon some of Tanya’s clothes. When Jack turns up he assumes Max has hired a prostitute. An offended Sharon slaps Jack, who then cheekily asks her on a date!

Meanwhile, Phil tries to talk round Ian, insisting he can get through this. Exasperated when Ian continues to sit in stony silence, Phil takes Ian to see Sharon in the hope it will help. When Sharon sees Ian in such a terrible state she wraps her old friend in her arms and comforts him.