Kevin is furious that Shirley is playing the doting mum as Deano lays unconscious in his hospital bed. Carly and Kevin are furious when Chelsea admits that she called Shirley to tell her what had happened. Kevin tells Shirley that she’s not wanted but she threatens to tell Deano and Carly about Kevin’s mysterious secret unless he lets her get to know her kids.

Max is still wracked with guilt about forgetting to pick up Abi because he got carried away with Stacey and he blanks Stacey when she tries to talk to him and ignores her texts. Bradley takes a despondent Max for a drink and picks up Max’s phone while he’s away from the table. Bradley is surprised to hear Stacey’s voice on the other end and a panicky Stacey quickly makes up a reason for her call.

Phil and Stella are still frosty after their cancelled evening out and Phil tries to get things back on track by suggesting that they go out for dinner alone on his birthday. Stella wonders whether to cancel the surprise party but the surprise is blown anyway when Ben tells an unenthusiastic Phil about Stella’s plans.

Elsewhere, Naomi suggests that she, Garry and Minty buy the flat.

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