Shirley hides her anxiety from Mick and Tina as they set off to see dad Stan, knowing they need his cash to keep The Vic afloat. When they arrive, Shirley can’t go through with it, waiting outside while Mick and Tina go in alone. After agreeing to give Mick the money, Stan spots Shirley outside, deviously insisting they can only have the money if Shirley asks for it. Forcing herself to face Stan, Shirley brushes off his digs about the past, but his words hit a nerve.

Linda isn’t sure that Stan is the answer to their financial worries, continuing to feel agitated about the all the problems at The Vic. When Sharon pops by to see the changes they’ve made to the pub, Linda grits her teeth to be polite. Realising Linda is stressed, Johnny tries to cheer her up by revealing they can charge a fortune for breeding Lady Di.

Carol and Max are visiting Jim in the care home. Carol tells Max she wants to tell their dad about her cancer. Knowing it will shake Jim, Max tells Carol that it’s not a good idea, insisting that she’ll regret it. Relieved when Carol sees the sense in his words, Max comforts his upset sister.