Heather is excited when her bridesmaid dress is delivered and she lets herself into Shirley’s to show her. Heather wakes up a hungover Shirley by chucking a glass of water at her and Shirley is furious! Heather goes out for Garry’s birthday curry with Minty and Phil. Shirley drunkenly crashes the meal dressed in Heather’s bridesmaid’s dress and ruins it when she falls into the curry on the table. Shirley stumbles home but she falls and lies motionless with blood trickling from her head… Max has spent his first night back at home sleeping on the sofa. Sean sneaks into Booty to see Tanya and she warns him they need to be careful if they are going to pull off the plan. Jack discovers Tanya’s terms for Max’s move back into the family home and he’s shocked. But Max reveals that despite his promise to Tanya, he won’t be signing anything… Ian plays the doting husband to Jane after admitting that Clare was after him. Meanwhile, Clare sets her sights on an oblivious Bradley. Jane sees a skimpily-dressed Clare in the Vic and warns her to stay away from Ian. Dot asks Clare if she has feelings for Bradley and is pleased when Clare doesn’t deny it. VIDEO: Catch up with the latest EastEnders action