Shirley is shell-shocked when the police reveal they have worrying news about Dean. A man has been found seriously injured with Dean’s ID. Shirley heads to the hospital with Nancy in tow when Mick refuses to go with her. It’s soon clear that the man isn’t Dean. But why does he have Dean’s things?

Back in the Vic, Linda and Mick discover Nancy has gone with Shirley, leaving them worried over what Nancy will say. When Nancy returns, she encourages Mick to tell Shirley the truth about what happened with Dean, but Elaine puts a stop to the conversation. After some words of wisdom from Sharon, Shirley tells Mick she won’t choose between her sons. Determined to tell all to Shirley, Nancy follows her out – but has an epileptic seizure before she can say anything.

Kim brings a cot home for baby Pearl. Realising Kim is exhausted, Denise worries that Kim won’t let anyone help her. When the pressure finally gets too much Kim breaks down on Denise, who is there to support her. Kim gets a text from Vincent… Will she reply?

Also, Sharon tells Abi that she’s decided to look for her dad.